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Are you frustrated because your referring providers are upset with the unreliability and unpredictability of receiving their patient results via fax from your facility?

If you are still heavily dependent on fax to deliver your product – the patient result, to your customers – the referring provider, Desktop Delivery is for you.

Portals, although useful in theory, are generally not practical for most referring practices. It requires them to log into yet another system to receive their results.

Faxing has remained popular for result distribution due to it’s “push” nature. With Fax, the provider office doesn’t have to take any action on their side to receive results and the burden of delivering the result falls on the shoulders of the diagnostic facility

EMR Integration is a good alternative, but it’s not practical for most practices due to the costs and time involvement in building the interface.

Our search for a better alternative to faxing prompted us to build Desktop Delivery.

  • It eliminates the need for the provider office to login to yet another system to get results
  • Like fax, it maintains the “push” capability but with guaranteed delivery.
  • Delivers better quality report with Image links if¬†Images are part of the result delivery.

If you are an Imaging Center, please take a moment to review this video that our clients use to communicate the solution to their clients


If you are a Lab, please take a moment to review this video that our clients use to communicate the solution to their clients

Results delivered through desktop delivery:

  • Can be dropped to a folder in the referring practice automatically with custom filename and format (pdf, tif etc).
  • HL7 file corresponding to the message can also be optionally delivered with the human readable file.
  • For Labs, a csv file containing the lab values can also be optionally delivered.
  • A copy of the report can optionally be auto-printed to a printer in the office as well if required by the practice.
  • Users at the practice can be notified via email or text about delivery of a report.
  • Diagnostic center¬†maintains complete audit trail of the delivery.

To discuss your requirements, review the installation process, and/or for a deeper dive into the solution, please schedule a call with a product specialist today!

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