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Orders Caddy

Referrals are the life blood of any diagnostic facility. If your Referring Providers and their staff are frustrated with the unreliability and unpredictability of faxes when sending orders to your facility, it behooves you to seek out better alternatives or risk losing those referrals altogether to a competitor.

Portals, although useful in theory, are generally not practical for a referring practice. They require double data entry – once in their EMR and then again in your Portal.

EMR Integration would be a great alternative, but it is expensive and may only be an option worth considering for a practice with significant referral value.

Demands from our clients for a better alternative prompted us to build Orders Caddy.

  • It eliminates double data entry for referring providers.
  • It’s easier and more reliable than faxing.
  • Provides opportunities to better integrate orders into your workflow

Please take a moment to review this video that our clients use to communicate the solution to their clients.

Once these orders are delivered to your facility electronically, there are various options for your staff to work these orders:

  • Orders are always available on a portal.
  • Orders can also be dropped as PDF or tif files to a folder in your facility.
  • Orders can also be printed to a printer in your facility automatically in case you require a hard copy
  • Orders can be converted from “Print to HL7” to send these orders into your RIS/LIS electronically.

To discuss your requirements or for a deeper dive into the solution, please schedule a call with a product specialist today!

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