IDTF ~ 10,000 Studies/mo


  • Independent Imaging Center formed by two radiologists
  • Three locations offering all modalities
  • 10,000 studies per month
  • 16 board certified radiologist reading for the imaging center and two local hospitals
  • Goal: Market differentiation through a fully integrated process of delivering results and receiving orders
  • DigitalOne products implemented: Results Communicator, Orders Communicator, Desktop Delivery


  • Within four weeks of Go-live, client rolled out 35 Desktop Delivery solutions
  • The client had been working on an HL7 integration with a referring physician that had dragged on for months; DigitalOne stepped in and completed it in four weeks
  • Four bi-directional interfaces successfully implemented
  • Seven unidirectional interfaces successfully implemented
  • Fourteen practices are using the Orders Communicator to send orders manually
  • Increased referrals from existing referral sources
  • An increase in new referral sources due to a new marketing initiative using DigitalOne