• Exchange Data with Outside Provider EMRs

    Make it easy for your provider partners to send and receive orders and documents without costly interfaces


Hospitals and Health Care Systems are facing increased pressures to enable the exchange of secure data within their care community between disparate EMR’s. They cannot wait for the industry to solve the problem for them through loosely organized vendor consortiums or health information exchanges.

Originally developed to enable communication between departmental systems and referring providers to exchange orders and results, the DigitalOne platform now provides the ability to exchange data of all kinds between care providers on disparate EMRs. Orders, Results, and other documents can be shared electronically without creating costly interfaces between EMR systems. DigitalOne’s elegant solution does not require that you engage your EMR vendors or pay them for connections.

The platform is not only used to satisfy immediate MU requirements, but has proven to improve physician satisfaction by integrating quickly and easily into existing care processes. DigitalOne customers have seen increases in referrals through the use of the intuitive and practical solution provided by the platform. With DigitalOne, your hospital can quickly deliver real value to every provider in your community, to help reduce costs and delivery quality care.

  • Orders
  • Results
  • Notifications
  • Monitoring/Security
  • DigitalOne Platform provides your Hospital multiple options to send and receive Electronic Orders to outside providers.

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  • Deliver and Receive Results to and from outside Providers; Help Physicians Meet MU2 requirements and Improve Patient Satisfaction.

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  • DigitalOne Notification modules can be deployed to Notify Referring Physicians about New Results, Stat Results, and Critical Test Results when utilizing any DigitalOne delivery option.

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  • DigitalOne provides a Robust Monitoring and Auditing engine to proactively monitor the health of the system.

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DigitalOne_WEB_Image_Inset_D1Suite_OrdersDigitalOne provides multiple electronic orders options:

  • HL7 Connection – Take advantage of our existing EMR Vendor Connections and Relationships to reduce costs and streamline builds.
  • Digital Print Automation – Send and Receive electronic orders from Referring EMR’s straight from their printer but without the cost of EMR Integration.
  • Link to Orders – Embed Links to New Orders within Delivered Reports.
  • Orders Communicator – No EMR? Provide paper-based physicians a Portal to enter or pull down electronic Orders.


DigitalOne_WEB_Image_Inset_D1Suite_ResultsResults can be exchanged in a variety of formats to fit your budget:

  •  HL7 Connection – Take advantage of existing EMR Vendor Connections and Relations to send and receive results directly into outside provider EMRs.
  •  Desktop Delivery – Push Results to Ordering Physicians without the need for Traditional EMR Integration.
  •  DIRECT – Utilize DIRECT Messaging to send and receive results.


DigitalOne_WEB_Image_Inset_D1Suite_PortalReferring Practices have a choice of:

  • Email Notification – Send email notification with a secure URL that contains the relevant clinical information.
  • DIRECT Messaging – Alert the provider or their staff using DIRECT Message.
  • TEXT Notification – SMS a secure URL to the Referring Physician to access their Patient Result.
  • Push Notifications – Send a Push Notification on Referrer’s mobile device using on both iOS and Android devices.

Monitoring/ Security

DigitalOne provides proactive monitoring, auditing and notification tools:

  • Dashboard – DigitalOne Customers have access to a Dashboard that provides a visual indicator as well as triggers automated alerts to Support Personnel.
  • Proactive Monitoring for Status – If any of the Electronic Connections indicates abnormal behavior, the system auto alerts the Support Personnel.
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail – System maintains a complete and comprehensive audit trail of all access to the data.

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