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What people are Saying


At Hackensack Radiology Group, we’ve always taken pride in providing top notch customer service and connectivity, not just with our patients, but with our referring physicians as well. We wanted to systemize the process we used for connecting with referring physician EMRs, so we could receive orders and deliver results electronically.

After careful consideration of replacing our RIS/PACS (which would have proved costly), DigitalOne came to the rescue. We found they provided not only the power to systematize, but the ease to implement as well. DigitalOne managed the EMR Vendor relationships, and since they have worked with most major EMR vendors, the cost was fractional compared to what we were quoted on our own. Offices can choose the solution that best fits their needs ranging from a bidirectional order interface (a stage 2 MU requirement) to desktop report delivery.

An unexpected bonus has been DigitalOne’s ability to push results with images to referring physicians not currently on any EMR. This is going to greatly reduce our cost of burning CDs for physicians, as well as meeting Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements. Rolling out DigitalOne helps us offer a tier of service to our referring physicians that sets us apart from our competition. The savings in postage alone was more than anticipated, we actually have offices calling us to have electronic report delivery set up! In addition, referring offices explain to patients that if they come to our center they can view the results immediately upon the radiologist signing the report. We can’t recommend them enough!
Donald E.- Administrator, Hackensack Radiology Group




We attempted to utilize an interface engine for EMR integration but DigitalOne is quicker and less costly.  You guys have been very quick in your responses, very knowledgeable and saved me tons of time where I didn’t have to go out and learn a new technology to try to implement hl7.
Wilmer D. – Clermont Radiology



We understood the opportunity of being proactive in addressing connectivity with our referring physicians and I had done my homework.  However, DigitalOne was the first company we found to be a real partner in providing a comprehensive solution for automating results delivery, receiving orders and managing the EMR vendor process.  In less than 60 days one of our primary referral sources was fully integrated and a very satisfied client.  

Once implemented , the DigitalOne team receive an A+.  They are responsive to new request, training  and information. 

Denise K. – Shady Grove Radiology




Providing the best service possible is one of our core values.  Do the right things, for the right reasons, and you’ll achieve the desired results.  All of the DigitalOne staff we dealt with epitomize this philosophy.  The product, implementation, training and documentation are all rock solid!  I’m convinced DigitalOne has saved us a lot of manpower allowing me to focus my resources elsewhere.

 Scott W. – Accellus Health