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DigitalOne was started by a team of talented individuals experienced in the development of radiology information systems and healthcare workflow processes for radiology, maternal fetal medicine, general medicine and community hospitals.

Formed in 2001 as a medical document solutions company, DigitalOne quickly became known as a multi-faceted solution provider delivering a single point of access to all documents. Hospitals, clinics, physicians and municipalities count on DigitalOne to manage faxes, scanned paper documents, emails and other critical documents made available via print capture and electronic files. With the DigitalOne management team’s years of experience in Radiology, it soon become obvious that DigitalOne’s products and services could make a substantial positive impact for imaging providers. By 2004 DigitalOne was delivering critical document management solutions to radiologist and imaging centers.

DigitalOne’s reputation as a reliable source for seamless integration between disparate information systems grew quickly. Over the last ten years, DigitalOne has consistently out-performed the competition, become a leading solutions provider for integration with EMR systems.

Today, DigitalOne offers a suite of tools used for EMR Integration and interoperability, connecting over 50,000 providers in over 600 facilities and supporting the exchange of more than 1M documents per month.

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