The Opportunity

Solving the true interoperability puzzle within your provider community can be time- and cost-prohibitive. The growing demands of Meaningful Use (MU) and the new Advancing Care Information (ACI) program require improved connectivity for compliance with population health, and value-based reimbursement initiatives.

DigitalOne can help you support this new ACI program and MU compliance with connectivity solutions that not only help you enhance and coordinate the care you deliver, but also help you improve your bottom line with a demonstrable Return on Investment (ROI).

Our connectivity solutions use your existing workflow to turn your legacy systems into a more productive, connected environment.

The Opportunity

The Key to unlocking your facility's potential, improving Physician Satisfaction, Growing Referrals, and providing Exceptional Patient Care lies in your ability to exchange data effectively with your referral community. Solving the true interoperability puzzle within your provider Ecosystem can be time and cost prohibitive. Important initiatives are usually sidelined due to resource limitations, system incompatibilities, and Cost. However, growing demands of Meaningful Use, required compliance for population health, and value based reimbursements demands a solution for sharing data now.



Overcome EMR Integration Challenges

DigitalOne is an Interoperability platform that helps Radiology Centers, Labs, and Hospitals reduce costs, increase referrals, and overcome both technical and financial challenges related to EMR Integration.

DigitalOne provides improved connectivity and data sharing solutions through low-cost EMR Integration and no-cost alternatives like Desktop Delivery & Orders Caddy that add significant value to your relationship with your referring community.  

The DigitalOne platform generates internal efficiency that maximize existing resources, reduce IT expenditures, and provide a true ROI.



DigitalOne simplifies information exchange of discreet data, images, and documents



DigitalOne streamlines workflow by keeping providers charting in their home EMR



DigitalOne is an EMR Agnostic Solution that leverages existing technology within your current environment



DigitalOne provides Multiple Connectivity Options that can be combined to maximize efficiency and reduce costs

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