Case Studies

Diagnostic Imaging Services Case Study

The Client

  • Operates five imaging centers in a very competitive market place – the greater New Orleans area.
  • In business for over 40 years
  • Small IT staff
  • Seeking a competitive advantage in a busy marketplace
  • Needed to find an easy and simple way for group and solo practices to send and receive reports and images to their centers.


Adventist HealthCare Case Study

The Client

  • 30 years in the radiology referral business
  • Part of Adventist Health
  • Serves over 2,600 providers
  • Have RIS and PACS
  • Small IT staff
  • Seeking a competitive advantage in a busy marketplace
  • Needed to replace cumbersome systems with cost-efficient connectivity


Imaging Center ~ 2500 Studies/mo

The Client

  • One Imaging Center owned by one radiologist
  • 2500+ Studies a month
  • Have an Integrated RIS/PACS and Voice Recognition System
  • PACS portal is made available to Referring Physician
  • IT Needs are outsourced to a Third Party Company with day to day support being provided by the Lead Technologist
  • Compete with a local hospital for Imaging Studies
  • NOT pursuing MU


IDTF ~ 10,000 Studies/mo

The Client

  • Independent Imaging Center formed by two radiologists
  • Three locations offering all modalities
  • 10,000 studies per month
  • 16 board certified radiologist reading for the imaging center and two local hospitals
  • Goal: Market differentiation through a fully integrated process of delivering results and receiving orders
  • DigitalOne products implemented: Results Communicator, Orders Communicator, Desktop Delivery


Imaging Center ~ Single Modality

The Client

  • Three MRI Centers owned by investors
  • 750 studies per month
  • Reading performed by an outside Tele-radiology Group
  • Goal: Consolidate the Scheduling Department; Reduce Time Spent on phone with Referring Practices; Simplify the Ordering Process for Referring Practices; Grow Referrals
  • DigitalOne products implemented: Orders Communicator, Desktop Delivery, Results Communicator