Imaging Center ~ 2500 Studies/mo


  • One Imaging Center owned by one radiologist
  • 2500+ Studies a month
  • Have an Integrated RIS/PACS and Voice Recognition System
  • PACS portal is made available to Referring Physician
  • IT Needs are outsourced to a Third Party Company with day to day support being provided by the Lead Technologist
  • Compete with a local hospital for Imaging Studies
  • NOT pursuing MU


The Imaging Center has been operating very successfully for the last 7 years. However, it was starting to see strong competition from a local hospital which has recently announced a joint venture with a competitor.  

Like most Imaging Centers, this client was faxing reports to almost all its referring physicians; while at the same time rolling out report and image access through a portal provided by their PACS vendor.  A handful of practices who required access to images were utilizing the portal, but dependence on faxed report for their charts was still necessary. 

The client had one full time and one part time resource focused on marketing.  They had traditionally shied away from any conversations about integration into their referring physician EMRs or delivering results electronically.  However, pressure was mounting from referring practices who were moving to EMRs and looking to do away with paper.