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Build Physician Loyalty With Cost-Effective Solutions

Can building physician loyalty help hospitals compete in today’s healthcare economic environment? The answer is YES!  Building support or allegiance with your referring physicians is crucial today because physicians are the drivers of the economic healthcare engine for patients and patient services.  

Hospitals and their healthcare provider partners are teaming up to provide coordinated and seamless patient care which reduces medical errors and improves health care quality while lowering costs. How can hospitals build physician loyalty while delivering both high-quality care and reducing their costs? The answer is: by utilizing technology that provides complete interoperability. This kind of technology securely connects the dots between patients and healthcare providers, while also improving workflows.loyalty

There is a great deal of competition for physicians in today’s healthcare environment. Hospitals are continually seeking new ways to attract and retain the loyalty of their affiliated and non-affiliated doctors, often using new technologies and financial support in their efforts.

What drives physicians to remain loyal and view the hospitals where they refer in a positive light? Based on numerous industry studies and interviews with physicians, the key driver to physician loyalty is superior hospital customer service and quality care.  Affiliated and non-affiliated physicians are more likely to refer patients to hospitals which they believe provide optimal care and services. This could include things such as quick turnaround on ordered tests, availability of services, knowledgeable nursing/medical staff and ease of obtaining information. Physicians are genuinely interested in providing quality care to their patients and they expect the same commitment from their hospital.

Today’s hospitals need an easy and cost-effective way, like those offered by DigitalOne, to connect their affiliated and non-affiliated physicians to their vital services with cost-effective alternatives to expensive and time-consuming EMR interfaces.  This kind of technology offers hospitals a solution to help them connect their physicians while providing a competitive advantage by assisting them in growing market share, increasing referrals and retaining loyalty gained by improved service levels.

The right connectivity solutions can provide your physicians with the capabilities required to support MU compliance and the transition to the new ACI program while helping you improve your bottom line with improved service levels and increased physician loyalty.

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