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Competitive Advantage through Better Connectivity

In today’s competitive healthcare environment, referral centers need a way to build physician loyalty to their centers’. One sure way is to make it very easy for them to send orders and receive their results, directly into their EMRs.

Easy-to-use connectivity solutions offer referral centers a competitive advantage to capture a greater market share of referrals by significantly increasing both physician and patient satisfaction and building loyalty. It also helps retain the customers gained by improving service levels.

If there were only a handful of different EMR vendors and ALL referring practices in your market used the same handful of EMR systems, achieving electronic connectivity with 100% of your referral base, given enough time and funding, would be a manageable undertaking. Unfortunately, there are many diverse EMR vendors and their exorbitant connectivity costs make it an impossible undertaking for most referral centers. 

Cost-effective superior connectivity solutions like those provided by DigitalOne are the answer for referral centers.   These solutions will not only help you enhance and coordinate the care you deliver but also help you improve your bottom line with a demonstrable Return on Investment (ROI).   Their interoperability experience will also provide your referral center with the capabilities required to support the transition to the new ACI program that is replacing Meaningful Use compliance requirements. 

Make sure that your connectivity provider has relationships with most leading EMR vendors and can offer multiple connectivity options to address your immediate requirements today while providing additional options that help you differentiate yourself from your competition.connect canstock17986231

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