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Is EMR Integration with ALL Practices Realistic?

In working with over 600 diagnostic facilities nationwide, we have observed that most clinical labs are frustrated at the thought of spending thousands of dollars on EMR integration with every referring practice, regardless of the volume.  In the past, EMR integration with all practices has been unrealistic!

That is not the case today!

We assume your lab facility, like most, has integrated with the majority of your high volume referring practices, and “investing” on the rest does not seem cost-effective. For over a decade, DigitalOne has been helping numerous lab facilities, like yours.

We offer a one-stop-shop to connect you to any referring provider’s EMR — that might be important to you – and at a fixed nominal cost. Furthermore, for your lower volume providers, DigitalOne also provides low-cost EMR integration alternatives resulting in money saved and increased referrals.

Please note, we are not a LIS, LIMS, or web portal; but in fact, work in conjunction with your existing systems to reduce costs and accelerate connectivity. Go to www.digitalonereports.net to view a video that explains our opportunity.

In addition to labs, DigitalOne also functions exceptionally well for radiology and other ancillary department’s interoperability needs.connect canstock17986231

If greater connectivity is your facility’s goal, please contact DigitalOne today at https://www.digitalonereports.net/contact/  to share your specific situation; we will show you how we’ve helped other facilities — just like yours.

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